You must be one of the million parents around the globe who struggle in asking your little one to open his mouth wide, while you try to brush his growing number of teeth. Through your daily routine of brushing his teeth, your cutie must have developed a few habits, like trying to spit most of the time, which makes it so hard for you to get the brushing done. Now, if you are already thinking about letting your toddler do his own morning and evening tooth-brushing, yet not so confident that he could actually do the brushing ritual eagerly, here are a five tips to slacken him off and make the brushing easy for the two of you.


1. Let your toddler choose the brush and toothpaste. You could take him to the store and let him pick his own toothbrush. You would expect him to prefer the one with a colorful handle. Having him his own type of brush will make it easy for you to call him on his “brushing time”. You can let him choose his own toothpaste too, to make sure that he will love the flavor.


2. Take turns. Trying to have him brush his own teeth in the morning and you in the evening will let him practice on his own. However, you cannot expect him to get his teeth and gum lines properly cleaned while learning, so during your time in the evening, you can remind him of the correct technique.


3. Make brushing a bonding time. Join your toddler in brushing his teeth. Seeing you brush too may encourage him to take a longer time brushing and clean his teeth more thoroughly.


4. Ask for a collaborator. When visiting the dentist, you could ask him to give your child two thumbs up for brushing his own teeth. You see, getting praise from someone authoritative in a white jacket will encourage your tot to do even well next time.


5. Give him a “brushing” reward. After getting the “thumbs up” from the dentist, you could head to the store and buy him one of the trendy “spinning brushes”. The novelty will surely make him excited for the next “brushing time”. There are a lot to choose from, but you could better pick the ones with the two-minute timer or those that play music when brushing. This will get kill your child’s boredom while brushing.


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