Kids often throw tantrum – a sudden change of mood that is often fierce. It is undeniably stressful especially when kids just abruptly go whimpering, whining, or screaming, insisting something. Aside from kicking and pounding on the floor, kids in tantrums also have the tendency to throw and hit things. This behavior is true to all children and seeing your own kiddo throw tantrums often may have made you worry of the notion that your child is developing a difficult personality.

Now, you ask yourself what to do when caught in such situation. Well, below are a few tips on how to deal with your kid’s tantrums.

  • Stay cool.

No matter how much to want to yell at your kid, or get out of the room and leave while he’s in such a mood, you have to stay cool. Having a blizzard of emotions may also frighten him, so he has to feel that you’re close around. It will be hard for him to listen to your reason and may respond negatively if your yell at, or threaten, him.

  • Stay authoritative.

Remember, you are the adult. As much as you stay cool, you also have to make your kid feel that you are the authority. Avoid giving up to any of his unreasonable demands even if the tantrum is taking so long. Conceding, especially in public places where you are most tempted just to end the scene, will make your child believe that throwing tantrums is a way to get things his way, or get anything he wants.

  • Never forget to do the talk.

When your kid calms, take the moment as an opportunity to hold him close and discuss about what happened. Using simple language and calm voice will encourage him to listen and try to understand your point. Remember to acknowledge his frustration first, help him put his feelings into words, and explain that expressing whatever he feels into words will get him better results. Of course, end the conversation with a hug to make him feel comfortable.

  • Observe what stresses your child.

Although throwing tantrum is a norm for children, you should also observe what triggers his tantrum and keep an eye on developing problems. If you cannot actually figure out what stresses your child and his tantrums are getting worse, it will be better to see your child’s doctor. As such, you can make sure that there is no serious physical or psychological condition of your child that may have contributed to his tantrums. The doctor may also give you some suggestions on handling your child’s outbursts.

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