Thank you for your interest in sponsoring a Kinder Keepsakes NICU baby. By purchasing the Individual or Corporate Sponsorship you are making the day of a child’s NICU graduation even more special. The NICU graduation cap and gown that you purchase will go to a child in the local hospital of your choice. These babies are nominated by the hospital and have been in the NICU for one month or more. 

There are two ways you can participate:

Individual Sponsorship: For $37.99 (plus shipping) you can purchase one cap and gown set to be donated to a child in the NICU of your choice of local hospital. 
Corporate Sponsorship: For $27.99 (plus shipping) per set you can purchase four cap and gown sets to be donated to children in the NICU of your choice of local hospital. Minimum of 4 sets per order.

Baby Graduation Caps & Gowns

Baby Graduation Cap & Gown Set


Baby Graduation Caps & Gowns

Baby Graduation Stole ONLY

$6.50 $1.00

Baby Graduation Caps & Gowns

Preemie (NICU) Graduation Cap and Gown Set


NICU Grad Sponsorship Application

Would you like the opportunity to have YOUR baby be sponsored and earn 45% off a NICU Grad package?  

If so, please fill out the application and we will review it, and respond as soon as possible.  

In order to be eligible for this special package, your baby must have been in the NICU for at least 4 weeks.  

The NICU Grad Project Package includes:

NICU Grad Charm
Cap w/ tassel
NICU Grad Diploma





In exchange for my 45% discount on the "NICU Grad Package" I agree to send my video/written testimonial and photo to

I hereby give permission to Kinder Keepsakes, LLC to use my testimonials and photos in social media, on website and printed materials. My privacy will be protected.

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