Kinder Keepsakes, LLC is not your average baby boutique.  We bring babies and families together through creating memories that will last a lifetime. We know that every child belongs to someone. They have a face, they have a name…they are a miracle. Every single one.

We focus on three things: memories, snuggles and celebration. It is our mission is to provide babies and families a way to celebrate beating the struggles and hard times that they have gone through while they were in the NICU.   We want to focus on the celebration and the opportunity, that though there was hardship–they persevered and were able to fight for a second chance.  With your help we are able to give them their own cap and gown to celebrate their “graduation” from the NICU!  We created  “NICU GRAD Project” to help those families in need and we are so grateful that we are able to share in those sweet moments with those incredible families.   Please join us in our mission!  One memory, one snuggle, and one celebration at a time.

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