Have you walked through a NICU stay? Or walked alongside a friend during theirs? Most parents are lucky enough they have not gone to NICU. They were not able to hear the whooshes and beeps of monitors. But parents who have this unforgettable experience are a lot more different. Although family and friend support […]

Kids often throw tantrum – a sudden change of mood that is often fierce. It is undeniably stressful especially when kids just abruptly go whimpering, whining, or screaming, insisting something. Aside from kicking and pounding on the floor, kids in tantrums also have the tendency to throw and hit things. This behavior is true to […]

You must be one of the million parents around the globe who struggle in asking your little one to open his mouth wide, while you try to brush his growing number of teeth. Through your daily routine of brushing his teeth, your cutie must have developed a few habits, like trying to spit most of […]

Hi there! If you’re already regular follower of our blog, you may have caught our special shout out to some of those people who continue to support our advocacy at Kinder Keepsakes—particularly the hardworking and dedicated nurses of the NICU. In this post, I’d like to share with you some real-life experiences and heartwarming stories […]